After One Truly Exciting Weekend of Fierce Competition!

We had a few nail-biters, a couple of cliff-hangers and even a sudden-death overtime thriller! If you missed these games you missed a great series, but you can be sure there will be plenty of exciting games in the weeks to come!

Below are the results from April 1st and 2nd (Updated 4/3/2017):

  8-Under Division Results (.XLS)         11-Under Division Results (.XLS)
  9-Under Division Results (.XLS)      12-Under Division (2) Results (.XLS)
10-Under Division Results (.XLS)       8-12 Under Complete Series Results (.XLS ) (.PDF )

Aau youth basketball players often dream of being N.B.A superstars.

Plenty of inner city kids have dreams of being N.B.A players, but is it just a distraction to keep them from being a professional of a career based on intellect. we've all heard the numbers that one percent of kids playing A.A.U will actually become a professional despite parents spending $1000's of dollars hoping their investment will payoff. many find themselves frustrated because their son isn't playing enough, the coach isn't smart enough, the traveling is too far, travel is too frequent. After all these concerns for some reason the parents don't quit. Why? because of the ultimate prize of money and fame for their child to possibly earn doing something they love!